Monday, January 21, 2008

Utah State Legislative session kicked off today!

The news of the tax revolt has taken a bit of a back seat lately, but it is time to heat it up again as the Utah Legislature celebrated Martin Luther King day this morning by opening their general session.

We will attempt to keep you updated every few days during the session with Property tax related articles. Also, be sure to check Machman's "Utah Wingmen For Property Tax Re-forum for regular updates.

From today's Deseret News, we read about Senator Neiderhauser's proposal that "takes aim at Property-Tax Hikes.

We also read of another bill requiring county's to acquire expensive Appraisal software. We say overhaul the system, and stop with the band-aids.

Also from the News of Deseret, "Transparency bill aims to shed light on government."

The legislative session runs until early March and we must insist on substantial change to our present taxing system. Be sure to write you lawmakers, attend the legislative sessions and be ready to march on capital hill. While we hate cliche's, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The local property tax news has slowed a bit, but we expect things to heat up in mid January when the Legislature meets at the capitol. So we don't overwhelm your inbox, we will update weekly (or less frequently). Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

12-21-2007 Property-tax reform: Could a computer program give more frequent, fair appraisals? - Salt Lake Tribune (Be sure to read the comments at the end of the article)

12-21-2007 Senate Throws Money Valley's Way The Herald Journal

12-21-2007 Is There Really a Fair Property Tax? - Daily Spectrum Letter to the Editor

12-19-2007 Cutting the Property Tax - Standard Examiner Editorial

12-16-2007 Davis Residents resent tax after tax - Standard Examiner Letter to the Editor

12-15-2007 Some Weber Residents Have Tax Burn out - Standard Examiner Letter to Editor - (Alan Joslyn - Eden)

Thursday, November 22, 2007


As Rudi says, "A Treasure Trove" of media articles and videos for our Tax Revolt. In parentheses, we will try to acknowledge Valley residents mentioned in the articles.

Unlike other blog sites, the Media posting will always stay on top with the most recent news stories in the forefront. Be sure to look below this posting for other blog posts, and feel free to opine!

Be sure to check out the other tax revolt related sites that are linked to the right by clicking on the graphic.


10/16/2007 Residents Fighting Increasing Property Taxes - Fox 13

10/14/2007 Residents Protest Against Rising Property Tax - Fox 13 (D-Bell)

10/13/2007 Residents Furious Over Property Tax Increases - Channel 5 Eyewitness News - Brad Layton, Doug Wilson, Richard Sorensen

10/13/2007 Residents say Property Tax Increase is Too Much - Fox 13 News (D-Bell)

10/12/2007 Ogden Mayor Debate Susie Van Hooser Matthew Godfrey - Mayor Godfrey responds to Property tax question (first two minutes of recording)

10/10/2007 Increase in Home Values Causing Problematic Increase in Property Taxes - KSL TV (D-Bell/Richard Sorensen

9/17/2007 ABC 4 News featured Huntsville Town for sale (D-Bell/Richard Sorensen)


12/12/2007 Weber County: Panel approves $112.5M budget - By Kristen Moulton The Salt Lake Tribune

12/7/2007 Single resident shows to rail against tax hike - By Kristen Moulton The Salt Lake Tribune (D-Bell)

12/7/2007 Proposed property tax increase approved - The Spectrum

12/4/2007 Grassroots alliance aims to push lawmakers to overhaul Utah's property tax system - By Cathy McKitrick The Salt Lake Tribune (D-Bell/Ron Mortensen)

12/3/2007 Stop indexing property tax to property value - Standard Examiner Letter to Editor

11/30/2007 PROPERTY TAXES DUE TODAY - Deseret News (D-Bell)

11/25/2007 Grass-roots groups want say in increases - By Cathy McKitrick The Salt Lake Tribune (Ron Mortensen)


11/17/2007 Vote on tax hikes: Putting property tax increases on ballot is no magic bullet - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

11-15/2007 No tax hike without public's OK - By Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune (D-Bell)

11/15/2007 Davis officials join in at counties convention - Standard Examiner

11/12/2007 Government officials: Fix property tax laws - Standard Examiner (Robert Jacobs-Eden)

11-10-2007 Eliminate property tax - Public Forum Letter - Salt Lake Tribune

11/09/2007 Modify property tax - Public Forum Letter - Salt Lake Tribune

11/09/2007 Weber budget surplus comes as no surprise - Standard Examiner - Letter to Editor

11/08/2007 Davis County voters deny transportation tax - By Cathy McKitrick The Salt Lake Tribune - (D-Bell/Ron Mortensen)

11/8/2007 Centerville, Bountiful vote for RAP tax - By Cathy McKitrick The Salt Lake Tribune (Ron Mortensen)

10/18/2007 Legislators react to property tax problem with talk of options - Standard Examiner (Wingman Ron Mortensen/Gage Froerer)

10/18/2007 Lawmakers debate property taxes - By Glen Warchol The Salt Lake Tribune (Gage Froerer)

10/17/2007 Resident hopes to change tax rules - St George Daily Spectrum

10/15/2007 Tax System is "Totally and Completely broken - Ogden Valley News Guest Commentary by Wingman Richard Sorensen

10/14/2007 Just get it done - Standard Examiner Editorial


10/10/2007 Lobbyists foot the bill for Utah lawmakers' $10,000 meals - Salt Lake Tribune

10/10/2007 NSL throws down gauntlet - Demands tax fairness, may to go court - Davis County Clipper

10/9/2007 LEGISLATORS EYEING PROPERTY-TAX REFORM IDEAS - Deseret News - (Gage Froerer/Huntsville for Sale)

10/9/2007 Property tax debate brings only questions - Standard Examiner (Gage Froerer)

10/6/2007 NSL asks county to void 2007 property valuations - Standard Examiner

10/4/2007 Property tax debate lacks 'men of conscience' - Standard Examiner - Opinion (Walt Prothero)

10/3/2007 CPI should limit property valuations - Standard Examiner - Opinion

10/1/2007 Two Pilots Plot a Revolt Over Property Taxes - Deseret News (D-Bell/Richard Sorensen)

9/30/2007 Tax howl: Before altering property tax, find out what happened - Tribune Editorial

9/29/2007 Appeals of taxes soaring - By Jeremiah Stettler The Salt Lake Tribune - (Ron Mortensen - Citizens For Tax

9/28/2007 Huntsville residents can't pay huge tax bills - Standard Examiner - Opinion (Richard Evans)

9/28/2007 Tax appeals flood county offices along Wasatch Front - By Jeremiah StettlerThe Salt Lake Tribune - (Ron Mortensen - Citizen's For Tax

9/27/2007 Tax Hike For Health? - Standard Examiner - (Ogden Valley "Revolt" mentioned

9/27/2007 Local health agencies say they need - The Associated Press

9/26/2007 Davis lawmakers to work for tax reform - Standard Examiner - (Gage Froerer)

9/25/2007 Property tax hikes: Lawmakers pushing requirement that voters approve them first - By Cathy McKitrick and Jeremiah Stettler The Salt Lake Tribune - (Gage Froerer)

9/23/07 Utah's property-tax system isn't broken - Deseret News Editorial

9/23/07 Officials start process of wading through property-tax appeals - By Kristen Moulton The Salt Lake Tribune (Richard Sorensen)

9/23/2007 Taxing to the limit - Standard Examiner, Editorial

9/23/2007 Losing Your Home To Taxes - Standard Examiner, by Charles Trentlemen


9/22/2007 Weber County Homeowners Talking Tax Revolt - Salt Lake Tribune (Richard Sorensen)

9/22/2007 Realtors oppose increase in property tax - Standard Examiner, letter to editor rebuttal of Eden Resident Richard Evans' letter

9/22/2007 Tax Increases 'sick' Standard Examiner (D-Bell/Rex Harris)

9/20/2007 Homeowners fear that big property tax hikes could force them out - Salt Lake Tribune (D-Bell)

9/20/2007 Lawmakers may head off revolt over property taxes - Deseret News (D-Bell)

9/18/2007 Huntsville: Town For Sale - Can't Afford The Taxes - Standard Examiner, Guest Commentary by D-Bell

9/17/2007 Huntsville homeowners boil as property taxes soar - Salt Lake Tribune (D-Bell/Richard Sorensen)

9/15/2007 "State Hears Davis Relief Plan." - Standard Examiner

9/9/2007 Huntsville tax revolt over property assessments - Standard Examiner (Richard Sorensen, D-Bell, Velma Ahlstrom, John Posnein, Gage Froerer)

9/9/2007 Weber Clerk expects lots of appeals - Standard Examiner

9/8/2007 Prop. 13 for Utah - Public Forum Letter - Salt Lake Tribune (Randall Yates)

9/7/2007 Assessment Caps Ahead? - Standard Examiner (Gage Froerer)

8/27/2007 Rising property taxes have some Utahns looking at California's Proposition 13 - Salt Lake Tribune (Larry and Sharon Zini)

Monday, November 12, 2007

New articles posted

The Tax Revolt site has been updated with several recent Print articles. Be sure to check them out!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Huntsville Town Council Inks Resolution of Support

Machman, one of the Wingmen for Property Tax Reform sent this resolution of support for their Tax Reform efforts. Interestingly, there was a splilt vote of support, with the Resolution passing 3-2.

Be sure to check our Media posts that are updated every few days with local tax related Video and Print articles.

Also, sign up for our email updates - the Wingmen site offers updates as well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tax Appeals - Deadline September 17th

The September 17 deadline for filing an appeal is rapidly approaching. Several Realtors have offered to provide a complimentary market analysis. Here are just a few:

Anne Toombs, ABR ePro
Keller Williams Success Realty
FAX 866-293-1336

Prudential Utah - Real Estate - Huntsville Office
(801) 745-2370

Many others have offered and many participated in the Huntsville Property Assessment Night. You may contact the Weber Board of Realtors at (801) 476-4216 for more referrals.

State Public Hearing on Property Taxes

The Utah Legislature's Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee is sponsoring a public hearing on property tax issues. The committee wants to hear what citizens have to say about property taxes and to receive suggestions for improving the state's property tax system.
The public hearing will be held:

DATE: Wednesday, September 19, 2007
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
PLACE: W130 House Building, State Capitol Complex, Salt Lake City

If you can't attend the hearing, but still want to comment, send an e-mail to:

or write to:

Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee
c/o 210 House Building
State Capitol Complex
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114